Vincent Reynouard on Why the Germans dynamited the crematoria at Auschwitz

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Can a Nazi make a square hole in a concrete roof?

In this fascinating video, fearless French revisionist Vincent Reynouard shows us what a real hole looks like in a roof at Auschwitz, then demonstrates that the famous “Zyklon B introduction holes” of the Birkenau “gas chambers” are indeed nowhere to be found. No holes, no Holocaust.

An excellent introduction to the history of—and the reality behind—the Soviet propaganda lie that is the story of the Auschwitz gas chambers.

* Note: Reynouard mistakenly says “Morgue 2” (“morgue deux”) for “Morgue 1” in a number of places in the video. However, the images of the collapsed “gas chamber” roof here are indeed all from Morgue 1, the “correct” building according to orthodox Holocaust history. As for “Morgue 2,” it is the half-basement extension (in-line) of the crematorium building proper, allegedly used as an “undressing room” for gassing victims. Both rooms, naturally, were just what their names implied: morgues for keeping bodies cool prior to cremation in the crematory building above them, their size being dictated by the emergency conditions of epidemic typhus which led to construction of the crematoria in the first place.

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