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This video is a memorial to the lives and loss of our beloved pets. In the last 4 years we have lost Roswell (adopted)age 17 (Rossie aka Black Dog) Mulder( found on I-81 in PA. (at approx. age 2) after being thrown from a moving vehicle, age 20 Ginger cat, Maple, adopted white bunny with a brown stripe, age 5 and Benni, age 2 and a half or so, found as a stray in Bennington, Vermont. (hence her name) Sable, the German Shepard is the same age as Benni and they are best friends, Sable knows something is wrong (so do the rabbits we have ) and has rarely left Benni’s side these past 2 weeks. Benni’s condition is terminal and I have been treating her at home after a vet workup. People too often give up on pets as disposable ut they are intelligent and form bonds even across species as Sable and Benni have. If only Humans could manage to grow up and accept others as animals do..the world would be much brighter for us all.

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