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18-year-old Charles Morrow, shot and killed May 2009.

Women can get to their emotions more easily than men can, so even when men come they don’t usually break down. “They can get a lot out of the group, but they don’t do a thorough talk. Women have learned how to talk to each other and they don’t feel bad about that. Men are more inclined to hold back. ” They don’t speak easily from their heart.”Brandon Turner, 25, is a testament to that statement. Turner was 24 when his mother died of cancer. Nine months later, on March 5, 2008, his older brother William Turner was gunned down on a West Oakland street corner after coming to the aid of a woman who was being harassed. Three months later, Brandon Turner’s cousin Zaire Washington was killed. And now, he is dealing with the loss of another cousin, 18-year-old Charles Morrow, shot and killed last month.
Oakland is no different then any other city. I have sat where Mr. Turner has sat and even moreso i am in the Funeral Industry have been for the past 24 years. He is right when it hit home its different. But it makes it just the more special because i can do all the work myself. So Embalmers and Funeral Directors are strong people because we can do what others cant. And sense its your loved one well its best that a person in the business who knows them take care of everything. I have for my Grandparents and a cosuin all 3 in Vallejo. But i do live here in Oakland. So this family is in my prayers that they stick together and stay strong.

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