Confederate Monument Desecration

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620,000 people (Americans) died in the Civil War. Roughly 2% of the population. No matter which version of history you have been taught, the bottom line is these solider’s were your average man. On either side of the war these men were still Americans and should have their memories honored. This hysteria of removing monuments, digging up graves, not allowing flags on graves is sad. It was a rich mans war and a poor mans fight. Just as most Northerners did not fight to end slavery, most Southerners did not fight to preserve it. In 1904 the Confederate monument in Gainesville was erected. In attendance were UNION and Confederate Veterans who both supported the monument. They showed each other respect as fellow Americans. They honored each others dead. Now there is a media fueled history witch hunt. To remove historical monuments. If this happens look for them target the remaining monuments and graves in your area. Removing monuments does not end racism it only dishonors the American solider’s who died. We can learn a lot from history and learn nothing by erasing it.

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